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How do you set up your writing, so that it flows? (research, outlining, character building, etc.)

Very awesome question. I never told anyone about how I set up my writing to that it flows. Some of it is standard but then I take it up a notch.

I only recently started using outlines. I had to pull myself from that “high horse”- Wing-It-All-writer to the Want-to-Finish-a-Novel-in-a-Timely-Manner-author. Outlines are still not my favorite thing but are helpful if I get stuck. I don’t need to outline short stories or novelettes.

I keep a composition book for each full novel. On one page could be: characters, foes, organizations.  Another page will have places (unless it takes place in just one city). Some pages will have major items, weapons, etc. And the list goes on.
Sometimes, I’d write chapters or rewrite chapters in these composition books.

But… I often take it up to…

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