New Year Reflections


Wonderful New Year wishes to everyone!

I’ve made a post regarding my fantastic convention year in Atlanta, GA. I was blessed to meet some wonderful creatives and a few of my favorite professional actors and authors. Being a panelist with Christopher Paolini and Michael Livingston at DragonCon was a great way to end this busy year. However, meeting Colin Baker (Dr. Who) and J.G. Hertzler (my favorite Klingon, Martok, from DS9) was an extra special treat!

Year End Review

Some unexpected honors also helped to make 2017 a memorable year. My debut novel, The Rise of Nazil, is a Readers’ Favorite award-winner, and my Science Fantasy Duology (Rites of Heirdron and Orbs of Trenihgea) won two gold awards as well. Being recognized for my novels is a humbling and fulfilling experience. It’s difficult to share my work with the world, and I’m overjoyed that readers relish each well-crafted tale and email me expressing their love (or loathing) of the multilayered characters and the worlds in which they live.


Thank you to everyone who purchased, read, and reviewed my novels. With the vast amount of literary works available to you, it’s an honor to have my novels selected and loved.

Enjoy this exciting holiday season and GREAT success in 2018!

Audiobook for Rites of Heirdron

Rites of Heirdron - AudioBook Cover 6-2017-SMI am extremely elated to announce the coming audiobook for the Science Fantasy Romance Rites of Heirdron (book I)!

Back in December 2016, I decided to publish Rites of Heirdron in audiobook format. However, there was only one narrator that I wanted for the voice of Zrahnz Uleryn (and the compelling cast). I fell in love with Victor Bevine’s narrations listening to the Drizzt series from R.A. Salvatore. All of his character depictions and emotional aspects he brings forth are captivating, drawing you further into the plot and characterization.

After listening to his narration (and acting), I wanted him to narrate my novels as well. Albeit, I wasn’t certain if he would accept such a small project or have the time.

When he responded with a yes, the same day, I was ecstatic! I always remain professional, but it was hard not to fangirl just a little when talking with him.

We had a few setbacks (he is so busy) and a delay, but the complete audiobook will be out very soon on audible! I think I am fangirling a little right now.

You can enjoy an excerpt of Rites of Heirdron, narrated by Victor Bevine below!

New Release!

After much deliberation and planning, the graphic companion to The Rise of Nazil series is available on Amazon!

The Guardians' Rise Front Cover-SMThe Guardians’ Rise is an introduction to the fantastical land of Faélondul. It is a companion graphic with a prelude to The Rise of Nazil, containing over thirty custom illustrations commissioned for The Rise of Nazil Epic Fantasy Series. Meet many of the intriguing characters, species, and creatures found within the pages of The Rise of Nazil, Seed of Scorn, Piercing the Darkness, and Blood of Oisin. There are a few bonus images from the Science Fantasy novels Rites of Heirdron and Orbs of Trenihgea!

This collection of illustrations and bonus content is not available anywhere else. If you are in the Atlanta area, stop by OutLantaCon this weekend for a personalized, discounted copy!

Love classic Epic Fantasy with a modern EDGE? Faélondul Awaits!

Zrahnz Uleryn (of Rites of Heirdron by Newland Moon)

The Protagonist Speaks

aaron-michael-hall-rites-of-heirdronDear Readers, tonight with us is an intergalactic adventurer, here to tell us about his home-world and adventures.

Tell us a little about where you grew up. What was it like there?

Where I grew up? Well, I doubt that you could understand my world or what is left of it. The capital city is beautiful. There are rivulets, hillocks, large lakes, and gorgeous scented flowers that perfume the air. It appears to go on endlessly until you unveil the illusion. The Uleryn capital is all that remains of my world. My planet, Triaxeyn was nearly decimated during a biological attack shortly after my birth. All that remains is protected within a dome. That’s the truth of my world and of my life.

Did you have any favorite toys as a child? Any cherished memories?

It’s not the toys or frivolous items that I think of fondly. It was the…

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Interview with Oxilon T. Benoist

Today, I would like to introduce you to Oxilon T. Benoist of Nazil.

Nazilian 8-2015 copy-SM
Part I: Let’s Start at the Beginning…

1. What’s your name?

Oxilon Thaon Benoist, son of Tryn and High Advisor to the Zaxson of Nazil

2. Give me your full name.

(Narrows Eyes)

3. OK, do you have a nickname? If yes, what is it and how did you come to have it?

Sir Benoist to those of your station.

4. What species are you? (Human, werewolf, etc? Or are you an alien?) I know you have some special gifts that aren’t entirely human.

Human? Had I not agreed to this farce, you would find my Xtabyren at your throat! The humans are savages. I am Nazilian as are all in my line.

5. Where/when were you born?

Nazil, the capital city of all of Faélondul.

6. Okay, now…do you believe that you are good or bad or are those terms not definable?

(Scoffs) Good or bad? There is only Nazilian and Human. The concept is not a difficult one. Albeit, for one of your paltry intellect, mayhaps it is.

Part II: Tell Us More About Yourself…

8. How would you describe your personality?

Honorable and true to my heritage. Honor Above All!

9. Would you say you’re someone who can handle pressure? What’s a good example?

An example? I would say allowing you in my presence without clasping you in irons demonstrates my restraint. Others have not fared so well.

10. Do you get along with others?

I am well respected; as it should be. My family is held in high regard in Nazil and Faélondul alike. If my commands are followed and my needs met, redirection is unnecessary.

13. Who are your main enemies, people you would like to see stopped from whatever they are doing?

The humans have infested the lands of Faélondul far too long. It is not enough to enslave them; they should be eradicated. Always, they are the enemy and will remain so until they are no more.

14. How about allies?

One does not have allies. Trust no one and none can betray you.

15. What is one thing that you would like to see happen in the immediate future?

Removal of the humans from the lands.
Part III: Hypothetically…

16. Suppose that you could become any creature you know of. What would you pick, and why?

One of Nazil does not lower themselves to the level of beasts.

17. One of your enemies in question 13 just complimented you. What is your response?

(Iniquitous smirk)

  1. One of your friends in Question 14 just insulted you. What is your response?

Again, you hear not my words. I was a Chosen Guard as was my father. I now stand third in command of Nazil. One does not insult Oxilon Benoist. If it were so, it would be but once. Have doubt? Ask my brother, Manifir, of my words.

  1. If you could change anything about yourself…

I have spoken all you need to know.

20. Tell me about where you grew up…

(Hand rubs the hilt of his sword)

Part IV: Now We Get Personal

21. What’re your parents like?

My father was the most honorable of Nazil. He was First Chosen longer than any other. My mother was capable. She followed his commands, and later, mine.

22. Do you have any siblings?

Once (He smirks) No longer.

23. What’s your occupation? Do you like it?

Your intellect is on par with my nephew, Danimore. Did I not tell you of my position, human?

24. Are you seeing/dating anyone?

There is one of which I have yet to know. That will soon be remedied. (Lasciviously wicked grin)

26. If not, did you ever think about being engaged or married and to whom?

I have had my bond and have no desire to repeat such a mistake.

27. Tell us your biggest secret.

That, you will learn in time.

28. Your worst fear? You don’t have to answer this one if you don’t want to.

You think to order me? I have no fear. Fear is weakness.

29.  Tell us one thing you’re the most proud of and why?

The fall of Hyorin. The screams of the humans as we set their homes aflame was the sweetest of melodies. Forever, I will relish it.

OK, well, thank you Sir Benoist for your time. It has been an honor interviewing you today.

That is a wrap! Let’s get out of here!