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In the 75th year of Alberoth, the AsZar summoned the Guardians. There’s an imbalance in Faélondul. The Zaxson, Draizeyn Vereux, conspires to exterminate the infestation in Nazil. He plans to eradicate the humans.

Led by the priestly cast called the Cha, the Xenophobic Nazilians dominating Faélondul brutalize the humans. But when the First Chosen of the elite guard discovers Brahanu Ravenot near the gates of the city, not only his life, but also his entire system of beliefs is forever changed.

Trapped by the edicts of his position and his heritage, Pentanimir must choose. With the darkness covering the lands, can love–forbidden, yet eternal–save both humans and Nazilians?

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“A breath-taking adult fantasy, The Rise of Nazil is the debut release from author Aaron-Michael Hall and it’s one you’d do well to remember. Crafted like a mound of gems picked from the best in genre, The Rise of Nazil makes for a scintillating read. Boding well for future releases from Aaron-Michael Hall, it is recommended without reservation.”

Book Viral

The Rise of Nazil is an epic fantasy that should be shelved next to the works of R.A. Salvatore and J. R. R. Tolkien. Aaron-Michael Hall is a creative world builder with breath-taking deities and a most unique mythos. With sweeping love stories, intense battles, theological struggles, and modern sociological themes, this book was the best read of 2015.”

Frankie, Mudville Dames

“This is a complex plot at its best. The character development is perfect.”

Rabia Tanveer, Readers’ Favorite

“Fantasy readers may be used to epic battles and confrontations, but it should be noted that even the most seasoned reader of such sagas will find an unusually complex, well-detailed plot to this story, which covers numerous characters, special interests, lost connections between generations, and challenges to long-established beliefs.

Where other authors might create black-and-white delineations between good and evil forces, Aaron-Michael Hall adds much food for thought on all sides, introducing sets of circumstances which are neither cut and dried nor clear. Fast-paced action and drama is tempered by the moral, psychological, and spiritual dilemmas of many of the characters, while layers of angst, lust, and confrontation make for a story that may dismay some with its explicit sexuality and violence, at points, but which will delight readers who want all kinds of perspectives and approaches under one cover.

Many epic fantasies eschew such undercurrents in favor of acceptably clean focuses on action, politics, and light romance; but one of the strengths of this story is its different and overt inclusion of all kinds of forces at work in the kingdom.

The Rise of Nazil a gritty, absorbing tale that winds the lives of its characters into the reader’s mind until the story becomes gripping, passionate, and hard to put down.”

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review