“A diverse epic fantasy that takes your breath away.”

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What readers are saying about The Rise of Nazil.

Aaron-Michael Hall has the uncanny power to weave even the most delicate tapestry of conflict—both within and without—into a deeply moving narrative. A dazzling read, ‘The Rise of Nazil’ is a story that will leave you gripping the edge of your seats. It is an unforgettable tale of love, self-sacrifice and acceptance that will haunt you days after reading it. Begin your own journey through the land of Faélondul—and witness how love can transcend race, belief and deadly prejudice—and lifts away darkness from the lands.” –Amazon Review

“Contained within these pages are incredible feats of courage, true tests of honor, and most importantly unions bonded by unshakable love. The Rise of Nazil is an epic fantasy that should be shelved next to the works of R.A. Salvatore and J. R. R. Tolkein. Aaron-Michael Hall is a creative world builder with breath-taking deities and a most unique mythos.

With sweeping love stories, intense battles, theological struggles, and modern sociological themes, this book was the best read of 2015.” –Frankie,  MudvilleDames.com

“Discerning fans of this popular genre will find the most loved devices of fantasy are to be found within Hall’s narrative, but it’s his ability to inject a gritty sense of realism that makes it so endearing. Faélondul is a world imbued with good and evil, that permeates through a richly layered social strata, but few facets of human nature have changed and he captures them all. Desire, ambition, greed, each masterfully manifested in a host of vividly rendered characters that make for a riveting read whilst neatly sidestepping the pitfalls of predictability.

Crafted like a mound of gems picked from the best in genre, The Rise of Nazil makes for a scintillating read. Boding well for future releases from Aaron-Michael Hall, it is recommended without reservation.”-Book Viral

“The Rise of the Nazil is a complex work, combining the cadence and richness of “old school” fantasy with the violence, intricate treacheries and modern sensibilities of The Game of Thrones. If Michael Moorcock were writing for today’s audience, he might well have written this kind of work. And if you read those novels with enjoyment, you will want to read this book, too.” –Amazon Review

What a truly fantastic book! It is reminiscent of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, though definitely not in a copycat way. Also, as an avid Dungeons and Dragons player I felt there were many elements of that as well.

The world building was just phenomenal. Everything described beautifully, with enough detail that you are never grasping for imagery without completely eschewing the creative freedom of one’s imagination. The characters are rich and multi-faceted and each one is different from the next, even the villains and the minor characters. Each one is described well, mentally and physically, and a good many will surprise you.

The story itself is a grand fantasy adventure that tackles some hard issues that are true of the world today. All of this comes together to form an awesome book that is truly an epic fantasy. I would recommend this for a mature audience who enjoys fantasy of any kind, plays or played D&D, and/or enjoys intelligent fiction. I’d give it more stars if I could and I will most certainly be reading the next one.-Goodreads

*This title contains adult content and graphic scenes. For mature readers only.*

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