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Meet Angelaris–the AsZar of Afferea.
In the 75th year of Alberoth, Angelaris awakened the Guardians. She was there before The Rise of Nazil…she was there before the humans were enslaved…she was there before time was time. Now, she is here to speak to you.
Faelondul Awaits!


rise-of-nazilThe Rise of Nazil. In the 75th year of Alberoth, the AsZar summoned the Guardians. There’s an imbalance in the lands of Faélondul. The Zaxson, Draizeyn Vereux, conspires to exterminate the infestation in Nazil. He plans to eradicate the humans.

Led by the priestly cast called the Cha, the Xenophobic Nazilians dominating Faélondul justify their brutalities against the humans. But when the First Chosen of the elite guard discovers Brahanu Ravenot lost near the gates of the city, not only his life but also his entire system of beliefs is forever changed. With the darkness covering the lands, can love—forbidden, yet eternal—save both humans and Nazilians?

“The Rise of Nazil is an epic fantasy that should be shelved next to the works of R.A. Salvatore and J. R. R. Tolkien. Aaron-Michael Hall is a creative world builder with breath-taking deities and a most unique mythos. With sweeping love stories, intense battles, theological struggles, and modern sociological themes, this book was the best read of 2015.”

-Frankie, Mudville Dames

*Due to some graphic scenes and adult situations, this title is intended for mature readers only*

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seed-of-scornSeed of Scorn, is the much awaited sequel to The Rise of Nazil.

Pentanimir Benoist fought a battle against the Nazilians after his love for Brahanu forced him to confront the immoralities of his heritage. He struggled to free the lands of Faélondul and end the brutalities against the humans. Now, he stands as Zaxson, the most powerful man in the lands.

In the aftermath of his victory, a new enemy emerges. Both Nikolina d’Garrion and Molag Bomgaard are unwittingly manipulated by an ancient evil. With the release of a Zon’tul and an indissoluble pact, the pall of darkness manifests: a darkness the Guardians could not foresee nor deter.

Pentanimir’s love for Brahanu was the catalyst for Nazil’s rebirth. Will that same love lead to its destruction?

”Seed of Scorn takes the epic saga to previously unheard of levels of complexity and intrigue. It is an enthralling tale of love, honor, betrayal, and the perfidious depths people will descend for the sake of revenge. Aaron-Michael Hall’s craftwork—the unforgettable characters, the surprising twists, and turns, the intricate, rich plotting—will dazzle you. If you loved The Rise of Nazil, prepare to be blown away! Seed of Scorn will grip you from the beginning and leave you in awe.”

*Due to some graphic scenes and adult situations, this title is intended for mature readers only*

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piercing-the-darknessPiercing the Darkness is the third book in The Rise of Nazil adult epic fantasy trilogy. The conflicts and treacheries of Seed of Scorn have led to an inevitable battle not only in the lands, but also for the lives of the Benoists.

With the wraith’s essence embodying one of Faélondul and the coveted blood of Oisin, the gates of the abyss have been breached. The Guardians have prepared their paladins but that preparation has inflicted a wound upon the hearts of the Benoists.

Which side will be victorious when the combatants share the same blood? When their battle begins, neither one can win…without dying.

“Aaron-Michael Hall doesn’t disappoint with the shocking twists and turns he’s delivered so eloquently throughout this series. He masterfully weaves a story with such intricacy; it demands your full concentration. When all the secrets are revealed, you’ll be left speechless and begging for more.”

*Due to some graphic scenes and adult situations, this title is intended for mature readers only*

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Rites of Heirdron – They poisoned his planet, massacred his people, and violated his mother. Now, they’re coming for him.

 A bastard prince, born to a dishonored queen, Zrahnz is the last hope of a dying world nearly decimated after a treacherous interplanetary betrayal. He struggles to reclaim his legitimacy as a ruler and protect his planet. But as he endeavors to unravel the manipulations of the past, a debilitating malady threatens his sanity and even his life. If he cannot save himself, his planet will succumb to the corrupt intergalactic alliances aligned against them.

 When a member of a visiting Earth crew arrives, Zrahnz discovers that she possess an integral element that can ease the devastating agony of his illness. Could she be the key to his survival and the future of Triaxeyn?

 With Q-1 Raydren at his side, and with the influence of the Oracles, he discovers corrupted truths and a forgotten prophecy. But he must make a crucial, life-saving decision, or else his people and everyone he loves could be destroyed.

 Derided as a “kahtdrol,” “the unclaimed,” and “the prince of nothing,” he was denied his rule, denied his birthright, and denied the one truth that would save his life.

 He wasn’t supposed to survive, he wasn’t supposed to fight, and he wasn’t supposed to receive, the


oisin-temp-3dBlood of Oisin. (COMING 2017)

How do you defeat a shadow? How do you pierce the heart of a man that does not wholly exist? How can you declare victory over an enemy who can shift from your grasp? The Shadow-Stepper emerges.

Blood of Oisin is the first novel in The Shifter trilogy. The true evils of Faélondul were not defeated. With the Nazilian priests, the Cha, comes an abysmal threat, an odium forged from the blood of Oisin infused with the essence of the wraith, Mah’saahc.

Blood of Oisin surpasses The Rise of Nazil trilogy with a phenomenal level of magic, deceit, and treachery. The struggles of the Benoist did not end with Piercing the Darkness. They have only just begun.

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