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The Rise of Nazil Trilogy
Rites of Heirdron Duology
Before Nazil’s rise, came its destruction.

The liberation of a world ignited the Zon’tul demon’s hunger to consume it.

The battles fought in The Rise of Nazil were the presage of an impending war. A war not for land, wealth, or power, but for the souls and fates of the mortal world which hung tethered to a brittle filament, separating the Nether from the mortal. As the gods continued to weaken, the demons began their rise.

What began with Mah’saahc’s awakening in Seed of Scorn, slithered across Faélondul, devouring some, and possessing others, incessantly seeking the Blood of Oisin needed to breach the threshold between realms.

The Benoists’ sacrifices and tribulation penetrated the familial bond that once held them together, destroying the allegiance integral to protect both their family and Faélondul. If the coming darkness cannot be pierced, Faélondul will fall.

Once the final battle ensues, neither combatant can win…without dying.

If you love the intrigue and treachery of George R.R. Martin, the epic battles and characterization of R.A. Salvatore, and the exceptional world-building, politics, and magical systems of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, The Rise of Nazil trilogy will captivate you from start to finish.

Step away from the ordinary and immerse yourself in a unique and enthralling diverse epic fantasy.

Faélondul Awaits

“The Rise of Nazil is an epic fantasy that should be shelved next to the works of R.A. Salvatore and J. R. R. Tolkien. This book was the best read of 2015.” -Mudville Dames

“The Rise of Nazil is a complex work, with the violence, intricate treacheries, and modern sensibilities of The Game of Thrones.”

“This is the best epic fantasy trilogy I’ve read in over a decade. The plot twists, deep characters, amazing prose, superb dialogue, and worldbuilding are mere elements in the vast tapestry Hall creates. This trilogy defies categorization.”

“This is a complex plot at its best. The character development is perfect.”
-Readers’ Favorite






They poisoned his planet, massacred his people, and violated his mother.

Now, they’re coming for him.

A bastard prince, born to a dishonored queen, Zrahnz is the last hope of a dying world nearly decimated after a treacherous interplanetary betrayal.

He was denied his rule, denied his birthright, and denied the one truth that would save his life.

He wasn’t supposed to survive, he wasn’t supposed to fight, and he wasn’t supposed to receive, the

“Rites of Heirdron is a powerful fantasy telling. Its dual focus on changing worlds and hearts moves deftly from personal to political realms. It’s a recommended pick for readers who like their sci-fi spiced with more than light romance, but who want that romance wrapped in the heavier cloak of sacrifice, duty, and life-changing decisions.”
-Midwest Book Review

“Newland Moon has the gift of integrating strong themes like love, friendship, loyalty, faith, and redemption into a beautiful story in a seamless manner. The writing is flawless, crisp, and tight, with vivid descriptions that capture the intense action excellently.”
-Readers’ Favorite

Orbs of Trenihgea: Book II

After an interplanetary betrayal nearly decimated his world, Zrahnz struggled to protect his people and reclaim his legitimacy as their ruler.

Now, he has vowed to defend the Triax planets torn asunder by a corrupt galactic council, and the “shadow whisperers” who’ve manipulated them all.

Allied with First Commander Lezayen and his QuNytwanian fleet, Zrahnz must unite the factions that deceived them in the past. The ensuing battle is for more than the survival of Triaxeyn, it’s for the liberation of the galaxy













I’m honored that my debut novel, The Rise of Nazil is a
Readers’ Favorite Award winner.
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Welcome to the fantastical worlds of Aaron-Michael Hall. Explore the lands of Faélondul, Ahmezurhran, the Fifth Kingdom, and beyond. With astounding new beasts, deities, characters, galaxies, and languages, you’re certain to discover precisely what your imaginative mind has been craving: titillating your senses, one epic world at a time.